Captain Globe will help children 3-7 years old discover the history, geography and different cultures of the world in a fun, engaging way. It will instill the love of learning and encourage open-mindedness towards the world’s different cultures. Captain Globe will help children become more knowledgeable about the world and its history and grow into responsible world citizens.

Captain Globe would also be very appropriate for older children (8-10) for whom English is not the mother tongue or first language.










Gwen and Will are two twin 6-year old brother and sister, who interact with Captain Globe. They are very eager to learn, they love to ask questions and are always ready for new discoveries. Will loves adventure. Gwen loves princesses, dresses and everything pink and purple.


Captain Globe is the inspiring and fun teacher that makes the children discover their world. His body is an actual globe and a teaching tool. He talks directly to the children. He knows everything about our wonderful world. He knows fascinating stories about real people who lived a long ago. He knows all the countries in the world and how their people live. He always speaks in rhymes to help the children remember what he is teaching.











Support Materials

Each module introduces a historic figure and a country.

Each module includes:

Each child could have his/her own module. In addition, puppets of the major characters will be available for classroom use to enrich the learning experience.

Puppets under development: Captain Globe, Gwen, Will, Alexander the Great, King Philip, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra.